The works of Sonja Lillebæk Christensen draws on the documentary interest that has become ever more prevalent in contemporary art since the 1970s at the same time as they humorously play with this interest from the point of view of a both voyeuristic and questioning person. On one level, Lillebæk “acts” as the artist observer, who seeks out places and situations, from her local environment in the South Harbour of Copenhagen to the Istanbul Strait, to get them on film. She cultivates a taste for the everyday, those events that we might not notice or be aware of but which nevertheless contains social, cultural and poetic significance. On another level, she embodies an imagination that cannot help investing itself in the events and make them personal, adding a touch of fiction. As such, her works outlines an ambiguous, yet creative position of involvement that is at one time at a distance and intimate with the world as a field of open narratives. It is a position that expresses a straightforward attempt to understand the events of world while acknowledging that they work according to logics that continuously escape our preconceived ideas about them, challenging us to expanding our perceptive framework.
Text by Jacob Lillemose